Working in the pouring tents is a lot of fun and we are hoping that you are able to raise some great tips to go towards your fundraising initiatives! Please be sure to share this with all of your volunteer.

I have gone ahead and outlined below, some information about the tents and tips for pouring/serving alcohol:

Alcohol Serving Hour:

Schedules are made so that volunteers will arrive 30 minutes prior to pouring time in order to get acclimated and receive a quick tutorial on what to do. We need to ensure a MINIMAL wastage of product, as it is EXPENSIVE and a major revenue source for the festival.

Ticket sales will end at 10:30pm and last call will be at 10:45pm, with closing at 11pm.

Tent Shift: (This may vary based on your organizers schedule)

Friday (Festival Run Time 5pm-­11pm)

Shift : 4:30pm (brief training)­ - 11:30pm (minor breakdown)

Saturday (Festival Run Time 11am­-11pm)

Shift 1 : 10:30am (brief training) - ­5pm (minor breakdown)
Shift 2 : 5:00pm (brief training)­ - 11:30am (minor breakdown)

Pouring Locations:

  • Black Lotus Brewing
  • Lagunitas Brewing
  • Sailor Jerry Rum
  • B.Nektar
  • Brewery Ommegang
  • Griffin Claw (1)
  •  Tullemore Dew / Milagro Tequila
  • Griffin Claw (2)
  • Reyka Vodka
  • Hendricks Gin
  • Soft Drinks

Interactive Map:


NOTE: Volunteer Parking Locations, CRAFTCOM footprint, Pouring Locations, Bark Nation Tent



Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and comfortably! There is no dress code but you will get a little messy and please be sure to WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES that you don't mind getting a little wet. Tennis shoes are recommend.

To help promote your fundraising initiatives even more, feel free to wear any clothing representing your organization.

Signage/Tip Jar:

Please feel free to bring signage to display around the tent to promote your organization. Please be aware of the sponsors display. The area should still obviously be a BREWERY pouring station.

Let people know that their tips are going to support YOUR ORGANIZATION/CAUSE. Please bring tip jars and feel free to decorate those as well (e.g. Thank you for supporting“ORGANIZATION NAME”, etc.). Please be advised to not leave your tip jar too full and to have a designated person periodically taki ng the money out and putting it in a safe place. When you turn your back, someone can easily snatch a tip jar (intoxication is always a wildcard, though don’t stress much as we’ve never had this scenario arise).

Drink Tickets/Cup:

There will be four ticket booths located around the festival. Different types/brands of beer/spirits will be different tickets amounts for purchase. People can use their tickets all weekend long. There are ABSOLUTELY no refunds on tickets.

Ticket pricing will be posted at each pouring station to make it easier on everyone.

We will have staff checking ID’s at the ticket booths. If someone is 21+, they will get a specific wristband and THEN can be sold drink tickets.


If someone doesn’t have a wristband, but has tickets, please direct them to the nearest ticket booth to get their ID checked. Only people with a hand stamp can be served an alcoholic beverage. This if for your protection and the festivals protection. If you question someone's age, please ask to see their ID.

ALWAYS look for the wristband before pouring any alcohol.

Pouring Beer & Cocktail:

Each drink equals 2-­6 TICKETS and the person MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND. If someone doesn’t have a ticket, or wristband, direct them to the ticket booth. In order to follow the laws placed by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, there are NO CASH TRANSACTIONS FOR ALCOHOL.

Also make sure it is a CRAFTCOM TICKET and not a fake.

Please make sure you are giving the guest a proper pour.

  • Cocktails are all pre-batched. All plastic cups should be filled with ice, then topped with the batched cocktail. If someone requests "light ice", that does not mean an extra large pour.

We are not expecting festival­goers to become so drunk that we need to cut them off, but be aware. If you feel someone is too intoxicated, feel free to say no or get a tent manager or security guard to assess the situation. Rude, drunken behavior will not be tolerated and you do not need to deal with anyone being unruly.

Each table will have a different selection of beer, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or mixed beverages. You will be provided with a description of each variation so that you can help guide festival­goers through their whiskey tasting experience. Some tables may even have a direct liquor representative on sight to speak with the festival­goers.

Every tent will also be equipped with WATER bottles for sale for ONE TICKET.

FREE WATER is available on Main Street as well.

Additional Inf0:

● There are many food vendors at the festival, if you wanted to purchase a bite to eat. We recommend bringing a water bottle (which you can fill at our water station) and a lite snack.

● Bathrooms: There is an employee bathroom right inside of Black Lotus.

● Please do not bring valuables and pack your purses lightly, as there isn’t an ideal spot for storage.

● If a friend, spouse, etc., comes to visit, please step out from behind the table. Only people working inside the tents are allowed behind the tables.

● Supplies (cups, ice, waste bins, etc) will be provided and maintained by festival management and Captains. Feel free to flag down a Manager or Captain if you require assistance.

The Tough Stuff:

  • Throw the party, but remember you are not "attending" the party while on shift.
  • There is no drinking while working and no giving away free drinks. There is a lot of trust given to the volunteers of the pouring area. There is also a large legal liability when it comes to the exchange of alcohol with the public. The goal is to have a great time while raising valuable funds for a fantastic cause.
  • Volunteers that abuse their access to tickets/alcohol will be asked to leave and can affect an organization's ability to pour at future events.
  • Beer/Cocktails/Soft Drinks are given out for tickets only. Cash/Tips are not accepted for product (Tips, in general, are 100% absolutely always encouraged though!). Please direct festival­goers to one of the four nearby ticket booths. For inventory purposes, tickets and bottles are counted after each shift.

If there are any questions or concerns throughout the entire festival, we will have Festival Managers and Captains available to help.

It is an exciting event, and we are all looking forward to having a great time.

Thank you again for participating at the inagural CRAFTCOM festival! I hope you have a fabulous time and raise lots of money!!!