Michigan Hops industry is booming!

We all know that Michigan's brewing industry has been growing over the last few years. All signs are pointing to the craft beer industry in Michigan to continue to grow.

When brewing continues to boom, the industries that support breweries are sure to follow. We are currently seeing a massive jump in growing hops in our state.

Michiganradio.org notes "Prior to 2008, Michigan hadn't had a commercial hops-growing operation for more than a century. Now, we're fourth in the nation."

This isn't the first time Michigan is seeing hops farms. Hops have been grown in Michigan as early as the mid-1800's, though it did not stand the test of time. With the explosive growth in Michigan brewing, the Hops farming industry is going through a renaissnace.

Listen to the full interview above to hear about the history of hops in this country, and learn what it takes to put together a hops growing operation in Michigan.

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