Joker vs Joker fan film

Who is your Joker?

What happens when a man who just wants to watch the world burn meets a guy who can't wait to show you his toys?

YouTube superstars over at "ismahawk" have put together another phenomenal fan film pitting  Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight against Jared Leto's Joker from Suicide Squad.

Hisonni Johnson with "ismahawk" has been making fan films for years, and has Superman and Green Lantern projects in the works for 2017.  In a world when leaked test footage helped install Tim Miller in the Deadpool director's chair, Johnson sees these films as a unique calling card opportunity to break into the big leagues.

The Joker video was made with a lot of help, including Hal Rydberg of Pixel arts Props, and featured costumes donated by Cosplay Sky and makeup from  Chrissy Lynn Kyle. Jan Flugum played Leto's Joker, and Charlie Starling plays a mystery character revealed later in the video.

Check out battle below.